Corporate Profile

Legend Upstar Holdings Limited (formerly known as Midland IC&I Limited, Stock Code: 459) (the "Company", and together with its subsidiaries, the "Group") engages in the provision of property agency services in respect of commercial and industrial properties and shops, properties investment and credit business in Hong Kong.

In 2007, the Company acquired from Midland Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 1200, a related company of the Company), the then ultimate holding company, the entire interest of its Industrial, Commercial and Shops divisions' group companies. After this restructuring exercise, the Group successfully established a strong presence in the property agency market in Hong Kong.​

2008 is a milestone year for the Group. On 18th August, the listing of shares of the Company was transferred from the Growth Enterprise Market to the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. The transfer of listing reflects the Group's outstanding operation and financial performance.

The Company believes that with its experienced management team, professional sales forces, more than about two decades' experience in industrial and commercial property agency business and the listing status, the Company is well prepared and confident to triumph in every cycle in property markets.